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Slama, R., Reich, J., Anderson, N., and the INSPIRE-Math team

The power to change the equation: Mathematics teacher learning reimagined

The Future of Math Teacher Professional Learning Provocation Series

Benoit, G., Reich, J., and the INSPIRE-Math team

Proving to Teachers, Not Teacher Proofing: How to Get Math Teachers to Order from the Menu of Published Curricula

Prepared for the Future of Math Teacher Professional Learning Provocation Series

Anderson, N., Slama, R., Warren, C., & Reich, J.

Slama, R., Reich, J., Anderson, N, & Warren, C.

Digital Simulations as Approximations of Practice

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

Sarah Kaka, Joshua Littenberg-Tobias, Taylor Kessner, Anthony Tuf Francis, Katrina Kennett, G. Marvez, Justin Reich

Failure to Disrupt

(Forthcoming August 2020).

Justin Reich

Joshua Littenberg-Tobias, Justin Reich

Cognitive Dissonance and Equity

Proceedings of the 14th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS)

Laura Larke, Garron Hillaire, Hao Chen, Ritam Dutt, Carolyn Rosé, Justin Reich

Digital Storytelling with Teacher Moments

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) Conference 2020

Garron Hillaire, Laura Larke, Justin Reich

Justin Reich

The limits of scalable interventions

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Rene Kizilcec , Justin Reich, Mike Yeomans, Glenn. Lopez, Emma Brunskill, Christoph Dann, Selen Turkay, Joseph Jay Williams, Dustin Tingley

Josh Littenberg-Tobias, Rachel Slama, Justin Reich

Meredith Thompson, Elizabeth Falck,Rachel Slama, Justin Reich

April 2, 2020

Justin Reich, Christopher J. Buttimer, Alison Fang, Garron Hillaire, Kelley Hirsch, Laura Larke, Joshua Littenberg-Tobias, Roya Moussapour, Alyssa Napier, Meredith Thompson, Rachel Slama

Yumiko Murai, YJ Kim, Stephanie Chang, Justin Reich

Keep it simple, schools

Educational Leadership 77, 2-5

Justin Reich

Studying Learner Behavior in Online Courses With Free-Certificate Coupons: Results From Two Case Studies

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. 21(1), 1-22

Joshua Littenberg-Tobias, José A. Ruipérez-Valiente, Justin Reich

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