The way students learn is changing.
The way teachers learn should change too.

The Teaching Systems Lab investigates the complex, technology-mediated classrooms of the future and the systems we need to develop to prepare teachers for those classrooms.

Get Involved

Our next Playtest will be on Wednesday, November 14th from 4:30 – 7:30PM. We hope you join us!

The MIT Teaching Systems Lab invites teachers, student teachers, and education professionals to playtest our new interactive tools for teachers. At Dine and Play, you will try out our games and share your feedback over dinner. Join us!

Applications have closed for the 2018 program. Sign up for our newsletter to get updated when next year’s application opens!

Innovative New Spaces for Practice and Rehearsal in Education (INSPIRE) is a collaborative research program for teacher educators at universities and professional development organizations throughout the United States. The program is designed for people who will be teaching during the Fall 2018 semester and are interested developing novel strategies for practice-based teacher education.

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We conduct research in the following areas:

Playful Assessment

To best support student-centered learning and teaching, assessment should be as fun and engaging as authentic learning can be. Our work includes designing playful assessments for our existing learning experiences, standalone K-12 assessment projects, and resources to support teachers, teacher educators, students, and designers.

Online and Blended Learning

Explore the intersections between online learning and teacher education. We’re offering three MOOCs, “Launching Innovation in Schools,” “Envisioning the Graduate of the Future,” and “Design Thinking for Leading and Learning.” Learn strategies to become a change leader and improve education in your communities.

Practice Spaces

Teachers need spaces to practice teaching strategies in low-stakes settings. We’re drawing on models from games and simulations to create these practice spaces. We seek to establish collaborations with other teacher education programs, school districts, and research institutes to design and test these spaces.



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