Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants

An internal MIT funding source for research projects that impact STEM education and transform teacher preparation

Interactive Video Case studies

Interactive Video Case Studies


TSL Playtest


Investigating how to prepare teachers for the complex, technology-driven classrooms of the future

Our next Playtest is on Thursday, March 22nd from 4:30-7:30pm. Join us!


See The Future First

At MIT, the nature of work in math, science and engineering is transforming around us. Across fields, we can can see how skills like computational thinking, design thinking and systems thinking are increasingly important in academia and in industry. This gives us a unique perspective on what kinds of shifts will be needed in K12 education.

Launching Innovation in Schools

Online and blended learning

Explore the intersections between online learning and teacher education. We’re offering two MOOCs, “Launching Innovation in Schools,” and “Design Thinking for Leading and Learning.” Learn strategies to become a change leader and improve education in your communities.

Playful Assessment Treasure Map

Playful Assessment

To best support student-centered learning and teaching, assessment should be as fun and engaging as authentic learning can be. We are working to innovate on the assessment experience for teachers, teacher educators, students, and designers. This includes designing playful assessments for our existing learning experiences, standalone K-12 assessment projects, and resources to support educators.

Committee of N

Practice Spaces

Teachers need spaces to practice teaching strategies in low-stakes settings. We’re drawing on models from games and simulations to create these practice spaces. We seek to establish collaborations with other teacher education programs, school districts, and research institutes to design and test these spaces.

Programs and News

Simulation and Game-Based Approaches to Teacher Professional Learning

Download and play our latest versions of Committee of N, Motivation Station, and more.

Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants

New program provides funding for 3 projects working to improve STEM education.  Call for proposals in January 2018.

Online Courses

Launching Innovation in Schools and Design Thinking for Leading and Learning



Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning

The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning is a pioneering graduate school that will prepare outstanding individuals for successful careers as educators.  The WW Academy seeks to transform the existing model of teacher and school leader education by instituting a competency-based program.  It will also be an innovative education lab, examining what works in teacher and school leadership education.

Writing on tablet

Office of Digital Learning

The mission of the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) is to transform teaching and learning at MIT and around the globe through the innovative use of digital technologies.  ODL extends MIT’s focus on mens et manus (mind and hand) to digital learning, uniquely combining digital tools with individualized teaching, research-driven methodology, an ethos for open sharing, and the in-person magic of MIT — for students at MIT, and for learners around the world.

STEP logo

Scheller Teacher Education Program

The Education Arcade and STEP are committed to improving teaching and learning at every level.  STEP provides fun and accessible ways to explore real and virtual worlds, experiment with technology and use games to build math and science skills. The games, simulations and tools developed in the Education Arcade are designed with the educator in mind. They use technology to create powerful learning environments in schools, in the home and in the community.