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Panel: Panel 5

Panel 5: Grow-your-own teaching and coaching programs as levers of sustainable and equitable math instruction
Grow-your-own (GYO) are designed to recruit and train teachers from within school communities with an aim to increase racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity in schools. GYOs often represent partnerships between schools, districts, community organizations, and teacher preparation programs (e.g. REL Northwest, 2017). The focus of this panel will be on GYO teaching and coaching programs focused on improving the quality of math instruction in poverty-impacted schools with a focus on retention of a high quality, diverse teaching pool. Participants will engage in discussion around the opportunities and potential pitfalls of GYO programs and identify promising remedies for design and implementation concerns. Participants will have a chance to reflect on issues of educator/coach shortages, retention, and diversity in the middle grades math classroom.