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Panel 4: The power to change the equation: Professional learning and equity teaching practices in the mathematics classroom
In the midst of a global health and economic crisis– which has disproportionately impacted families of color and those experiencing poverty– and a nation reckoning with its long history of racial inequities, math teachers have an important role to play in changing the equation for marginalized students. All students have the right to mathematics classrooms that support their mathematical reasoning, conceptual understanding, and discourse (Gutiérrez, 2012). Acknowledging and addressing factors that contribute to differential math outcomes for Black, Latino, English learners students and/or students experiencing poverty is critical to ensuring that students receive the necessary support to be successful academically and beyond. This panel focuses on how to support teachers in creating and sustaining a space for supporting these priority learners. Participants will discuss equity teaching practices in mathematics that have measurable outcomes for priority students and think through what high-impact teacher learning innovations and investments would look like in this space.