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June 13 2018

Teacher Moments: An online platform for preservice teachers to practice and reflect on parent-teacher conversations.

Meredith Thompson, Kevin Robinson, Yoon Jeon Kim, Justin Reich, Kesiena Owho-Ovuakporie


Simulations allow preservice teachers to connect education theory and practice in low-risk environments. This study presents findings from our investigation of the suitability of a simulation called “Teacher Moments” for two parent-teacher conference scenarios. Students in a preservice education class completed two Teacher Moments simulations as assignments during the semester. Using a design-based approach, we document how we learn from multiple implementations and discuss the outcome of the revised design. Our findings suggest that students perceive simulations within Teacher Moments as authentic experiences that provoke cognitive dissonance. Additionally, the simulation allows education students to practice key skills in teaching such as remaining calm in difficult situations and articulating their pedagogical and classroom management approaches to parents.


Reich, J., Kim, Y., Robinson, K., Roy, D., & Thompson, M. (2018, June 13). Exploring Authenticity and Playfulness in Teacher Practice Spaces.
Reich, Justin, et al. “Exploring Authenticity and Playfulness in Teacher Practice Spaces.” SocArXiv, 13 June 2018. Web.
Reich, Justin, YJ Kim, Kevin Robinson, Dan Roy, and Meredith Thompson. 2018. “Exploring Authenticity and Playfulness in Teacher Practice Spaces.” SocArXiv. June 13. doi:10.31235/

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