Proceedings of the 2020 Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, 518-523

December 2019

Macro MOOC Learning Analytics: Exploring Trends Across Global and Regional Providers

José A. Ruipérez-Valiente, Matt Jenner, Thomas Staubitz, Xitong Li, Tobias Rohloff, Sherif Halawa, Carlos Turro, Yuan Cheng, Jianyin Zhang, Ignacio Despujol, Justin Reich


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have opened new educational possibilities for learners around the world. Numerous providers have emerged, which usually have different targets (geographical, topics or language), but most of the and spotlight has been concentrated on the global providers and studies with limited generalizability. In this work we apply a multi-platform approach generating a joint and comparable analysis with data from millions of learners and more than ten MOOC providers that have partnered to conduct this study. This allows us to generate learning analytics trends at a macro level across various MOOC providers towards understanding which MOOC trends are globally universal and which of them are context-dependent. The analysis reports preliminary results on the differences and similarities of trends based on the country of origin, level of education, gender and age of their learners across global and regional MOOC providers. This study exemplifies the potential of macro learning analytics in MOOCs to understand the ecosystem and inform the whole community, while calling for more large scale studies in learning analytics through partnerships amongers and institutions.


Ruipérez-Valiente, José A. & Jenner, Matt & Staubitz, Thomas & Li, Xitong & Rohloff, Tobias & Halawa, Sherif & Turro, Carlos & Cheng, Yuan & Zhang, Jiayin & Despujol Zabala, Ignacio & Reich, Justin. (2019). Macro MOOC Learning Analytics: Exploring Trends Across Global and Regional Providers. 10.35542/

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