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Creating Digital Clinical Simulations (DCS)for Teacher Education

Getting Started

To begin authoring Teacher Moments scenarios begin by creating an account and requesting authoring privileges

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  2. Request authoring privileges on the platform by emailing: [email protected]

Authoring Template

Teacher Moments Authoring - Research & Design

When Authoring Digital Clinical Simulations (DCS) there are some general guidelines that can help. For additional scaffolds and supports for authoring DCS download the authoring template. The template supports authors to do the following:

1) Clarify the PurposeThe most important aspect of this process is to clarify the purpose of the simulation. We refer to the purpose of the simulation as a "problem of practice" which is a challenge a teacher will face in everyday classroom teaching (Hillaire et al., 2020).

2) Author the Four Phases of a DCSThe four phases of a DCS are: Context, Anticipate, Enact, Reflect. We have provided an authoring template which provides supports for each of these four phases. While the template has detailed guidance on the purpose and structure of these four phases brief definition are as follows

Context - Setting the stage of the simulation through describing critical aspects of the context such as the school, parents, teachers, and/pr students

Anticipate - Ask participants anticipatory questions after they read about the context. These questions can elicit critical viewpoints participants may have related to the purpose of the simulation.

Enact - The simulated interaction

Reflect - Ask participants to individually reflect on their participation within the DCS. At times reflection can include reviewing specific responses they provided in the simulation and reflecting on their behavior.

After Authoring a DCS the next step is to consider how to facilitate a group of students using the practice space. See our Facilitation Guidelines for further details.


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