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Panel 2: New curriculum, new teacher learning: Reimagining mathematics teacher learning to broaden participation in the math of the future
A recent MIT report on the Work of the Future found that while technological innovation surrounding automation would wildly transform the labor market, the economic “fruits” of this innovation would be vastly unequally distributed or “so skewed towards the top, that the majority of workers have tasted only a tiny morsel of a vast harvest.” Given wide opportunity gaps in access and inclusion in higher level mathematics for students from the priority community, how can we ensure that students from the priority community do not get left behind? This panel will focus on how to redesign curriculum to engage students from the priority community in the math of the future and what teacher professional learning and labor market changes must be put in place to implement such an initiative. Panelists will discuss what curricular design and redesign should take place to integrate mathematics into other STEAM disciplines such as science, maker spaces, robotics, computer science and coding and the implications for teacher preparation and professional learning.