LuAnn Silva

2021-2022 Inspire Math Fellow

LuAnn Silva is a K-5 Math Instructional coach at the Holmes Innovation School in Dorchester, MA. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from Boston College in 2012. LuAnn then participated in Teach For America as a Corps Member in the Greater Boston Area and completed her Masters in Teaching with a concentration in Mathematics Education at Boston University in 2014. After teaching middle and high school math for six years LuAnn wanted to develop a better understanding of the inner workings of education policy, so she completed another Masters in Education but this time specializing in Educational Policy and Management at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in 2019. Since then LuAnn has been working to support math teachers at her school in bolstering their pedagogy with a focus on instruction that is rooted in why things work rather than how they wor,k so that her students are able to examine patterns and make generalizations about the math they see around them in the real world. LuAnn also has a deep passion for eradicating issues of educational inequity and so her passion for math is greatly influenced by her belief that “numbers can be used to dominate of liberate us”. Ergo she has committed herself to helping her teachers and students see math as a powerful tool for examining and improving the world around them.