Josh Sheldon

Project Lead, PACE-HS

Josh is a leader in computer science education. He strives to help youth learn computing to become empowered citizens and creators of computational artifacts to benefit their communities and society. He is a connector of people, ideas, resources, and organizations. Sheldon’s career has been devoted to human-centered design of learning opportunities and environments, in CS Ed and beyond. Key to that is listening to stakeholders to grasp complex situations and work to co-design paths forward. Sheldon brings expertise in design and implementation of educator professional development/professional learning and facilitation of educator communities of practice. A lifelong learner who quickly grasps new material, he has have worked across a number content domains. Most recently his focus has been on computer science and computational thinking, but past project included developing materials and PD in STEM more generally, design thinking, and complex systems.

At the Teaching Systems Lab, Josh is project lead for the NSF CSforAll Researcher Practitioner Partnership grant-funded PACE-HS, which has built a Networked Improvement Community (NIC) with Massachusetts schools to build human capital to equitably broaden participation in computing.