Deborah Kariuki


Deborah Kariuki is a former software engineer with 16 years of experience in the programming fields. Currently, she is a Computer Science Education faculty at UMBC. In her current position, she is tasked with creating a computer science education program in the MAE program at UMBC, which is a program that focuses on producing in service highly qualified lead teachers in Math, Science, STEM, and Now Computer Science. Deborah was a co-creator of the UTeach AP CSP curriculum and was one of the first PD trainer for teachers in this curriculum. She then moved on to being a We_Teach Professional Development specialist, training teacher to be certified in Computer Science which is a requirement to teach CS in Texas. Currently, Deborah is the current lead for the Maryland Center for Computing certification program preparing teachers to pass the computer science PRAXIS II and she is also a current facilitator for AP CSP.