Practice Spaces

A game for teachers to practice empathizing with young people and authentically connecting their strengths and interests to computer science.


Originally developed in partnership with for use in quarterly teacher workshops, the game is openly licensed and anyone is welcome to use it! It includes discussion points for small groups, and links to online discussion forums at the end as well.

Swipe Right for CS is also a research study aimed at detecting bias, where different workshops see the same student profiles but with students of different racial, gender and ethnic identities. To play swipe right click here. To hack around click here.

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  • Joshua Littenberg-Tobias
    Joshua Littenberg-Tobias Research Scientist

    Joshua Littenberg-Tobias is a research scientist in the Teaching Systems Lab. He researches MOOCs, equity practice spaces for teachers in computer science and civics, and online teacher professional learning. His research has been published in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching, American Journal of Community Psychology, and the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. He holds a PhD in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation from Boston College and a BA from Brown University.

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