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BalderMath creates playful ways for teachers to practice student perspective taking and diagnose student misunderstandings of math concepts.  The game is about bluffing the judge, and getting them to think that your work was actually from a real student.  Developed in collaboration with Michael Pershan (@mpershan), we’ve playtested versions that take place in-person and online in Desmos.

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  • Meredith Thompson
    Meredith Thompson Research Scientist

    Meredith Thompson is a research scientist at the Teaching Systems Lab (TSL) and STEP. Her research focuses on the influence of collaboration and creativity in STEM learning environments and the successful integration of mixed methods in education research. A science educator and enthusiast at heart, she has designed a number of science explorations for kids ( Meredith and twin sister Chris ( codeveloped Soundscience Fun!, an interactive presentation on the physics of musical instruments that has been featured on the PBS television show “Curious George”.

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