Eliciting Learner Knowledge

ELK is a conversational role-playing game for pre-service teachers to practice understanding student preconceptions and questioning strategies.

Eliciting Learner Knowledge is a turn-based, improvisational role-playing game where a teacher (played by a teacher candidate) attempts to solicit the understanding of students (also played by teacher candidates) with a distribution of conceptions and misconceptions in a specific content area.

Gameplay: During the game, players role play a teacher or a student.

“Teachers” have the opportunity to formulate and post questions, listen to and interpret student responses, and develop additional questions prompt, and tasks to probe and unpack what students say (TeachingWorks).

“Students” learn about students’ ideas about a topic by embodying those ideas and gain empathy for being a student in a student/ teacher situation.

Additional Practice Space Resources

See how it’s used in class.

Practice Space Materials

Try a science ELK scenario (here) & a math ELK scenario (here).