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At the Teaching Systems Lab, we have three projects focused on helping educators respond to extended school closures and remote learning.

What’s Lost, What’s Left, What’s Next: To more deeply understand the practice and professional experiences of educators during the 2020 extended school closures, we interviewed 40 teachers from across the country in public, charter, and private schools, at different grade levels, and in different subject areas. From our conversations, three key themes emerged: 1) Student Motivation: Teachers struggled to motivate their students through two layers of computer screens; 2) Professional Loss and Burnout: As they lost familiar means of teaching, teachers also lost a fundamental sense of their own efficacy and professional identity; and, 3) Exacerbated Inequities: This sense of loss grew deeper as teachers witnessed the dramatic intensification of the societal inequalities that had always shaped their students’ lives. Effective planning for school reopening in Fall 2020 will require understanding and addressing these challenges facets of teachers’ experience. We propose five design considerations to plan for resilience: center equity, focus on relationship-building, address student motivation, address staff motivation and burnout, and mitigate uncertainty. All 35 full interview transcripts are available at

Imagining September. Reopening schools should be a community process with broad input from students and other stakeholders. Over May and June, we met with three groups of education stakeholders (parents, teachers, school and district leaders) and one student group to prototype online approaches to convening multi-stakeholder design meetings. We’ve published two reports, one for school leaders with guides and resources for facilitating online design charrettes, and one for educators and the public broadly, with principles and design elements for opening schools in the fall.

Remote Learning Guidance from State Education Agencies during COVID-19: In the report “Remote Learning Guidance from State Education Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A First Look”, we provide recommendations and best practices for state education agencies providing remote learning guidance during COVID-19 school closures.

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