About the MIT Teaching Systems Lab

The Teaching Systems Lab investigates the complex, technology-mediated classrooms of the future and the systems we need to develop to prepare teachers for those classrooms.

Teachers must be prepared for today’s learning environments. But to have a real and lasting impact they must be ready to change today’s classrooms into ones that prepare students for a new and different world than schools were originally designed for. Those classrooms, and the world they serve, are evolving ever more rapidly. In order to serve these changing needs, the Teaching Systems Lab works to continually assess, translate, create, research and innovate, while staying connected to the practitioners and participants in schools.

The Teaching Systems Lab, situated within MIT’s Office of Open Learning and in partnership with the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, works to tackle the exciting challenges of preparing teachers for the challenges of today’s classrooms, and providing them with the opportunities and experiences to change those classrooms into the learning environments of tomorrow.


TSL aims to bring MIT’s “minds and hands approach” to the pre K-12 world through design, development, research and capacity building.


The Teaching Systems Lab is funded through generous support of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. Support for the Computational Measures of Engagement Across Difference project comes from the Spencer Foundation.


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