Explore the intersections between online learning and teacher education. We’re offering four MOOCs, Launching Innovation in SchoolsDesign Thinking for Leading and Learning,  Envisioning the Graduate of the Future, and Competency-Based Education: The Why, What, and How.  Learn strategies to become a change leader and improve education in your communities.


Teachers need spaces to practice teaching strategies in low-stakes settings. We’re drawing on models from games and simulations to create these practice spaces. We seek to establish collaborations with other teacher education programs, school districts, and research institutes to design and test these spaces.




INSPIRE CS-AI is a new year-long equity-focused fellowship program for CS teacher educators led by the faculty and staff at the MIT Teaching Systems Lab and Carnegie Mellon University.

INSPIRE-Math Fellowship Application Information 

Register now for this exciting new fellowship for colleagues currently teaching or coaching grades 3-8 math in a district or charter school in Boston interested in improving your teaching practice and building cutting-edge professional learning tools for your school.

Discussion Leader 

In our increasingly polarized political climate, how can teachers effectively engage students in productive conversations about hot-button political topics such immigration, police shootings, and gun control? “Discussion Leader,” is an interactive, web-based simulation which immerses teachers and teacher candidates in short vignettes of classroom discussions calling upon participants to provide responses to complex situations and student interactions.

Roster Justice 

The decisions behind creating class rosters can be complex and depend on multiple factors. To create equitable access and support a positive student experience, student demographics (such as race, gender, and disability status) should be a central factor.


Personalized learning and project based learning allow for more creativity and can lead to deeper learning experiences, but diverse deliverables can be confusing to evaluate.

Swipe Right 

A game for teachers to practice authentically connecting student strengths and interests to computer science.

Surfacing And Addressing Unconscious Bias 

Justice and equity issues affect all aspects of our society, and even teachers who care deeply about their students may not recognize all of the ways that bias can impact their teaching.

Eliciting Learner Knowledge 

ELK is a conversational role-playing game for pre-service teachers to practice understanding student preconceptions and questioning strategies.

Motivation Station 

Motivation Station is an in-person card game that creates scenarios for novice and experienced teachers to practice applying principles of cognitive science to motivating students.

Teacher Moments 

Teacher Moments (Media Interactive Case Studies) presents novice teachers with short classroom scenarios and gives them spaces to practice their responses to students in the moment.

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