Jennifer Langer-Osuna

Assistant Professor

Stanford Graduate School of Education

Jennifer Langer-Osuna is assistant professor of mathematics education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. Her research examines how young people develop identities as learners in collaborative mathematics classrooms, focusing in particular on the social construction of authority, influence, and marginalization among peers during student-led activity. Dr. Langer-Osuna teaches in Stanford’s Teacher Education Program (STEP) and partners with local school districts to design robust and humanizing mathematics learning experiences in diverse collaborative classrooms. She has contributed to broader federal and state mathematics education initiatives, including co-authoring new chapters in both the 2025 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) mathematics assessment framework and California’s revised CA Mathematics Framework. She is a National Academy of Education/Spencer postdoctoral fellow and co-hosted the Spencer-funded conference, Advancing Methods for the Study of Social Identities in Mathematics Education (AMSSI-Math). Dr. Langer-Osuna earned her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley and has published in leading education journals, including Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Journal of the Learning Sciences, Journal of Educational Psychology, and Review of Research in Education.



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