Committee of N

Committee of N is a card game that helps teachers in training investigate and discuss the history of schooling in America. Students dive into the learning theories, purposes, and designed features that shape both the discourses of school as well as the physical schools themselves, ultimately designing their own schools. In addition to providing an overview of a wide range of school design elements and approaches, the game helps players build collaboration, planning, and communication skills.

Interactive Video Case Studies

Interactive Video Case Studies: A Collaborative, Online Approach to Teacher Training

Effective approaches to teaching can take a variety of forms in the classroom. The Teaching Systems Lab is harnessing the power of a unique, crowdsourced video annotation system to present the next generation of teachers with a variety of topically-focused video cases and associated ‘challenges’ linked to specific learning objectives. The video case studies provide examples of effective teaching practices ‘in action’ and enable student-teachers to experience, evaluate and discuss both diversity and similarity in teaching techniques and pedagogies. This style of interaction allows for the creation of interactive, collaborative problem-based scenarios situated in real world classrooms–complete with insights from the case-study teachers.

Motivation Station

Motivation Station

Motivation Station is an in-person card game that creates scenarios for novice and experienced teachers to practice applying principles of cognitive science to motivating students.  The gameplay mechanic is similar to Apples to Apples, with a peer judge drawing draw cards for a student and a scenario, and other players choosing cognitive science principles and performing how they would enact these principles in the classroom.  The judges evaluates the effectiveness of the responses, creating natural opportunities for discussion.  Download the game.


BalderMath creates playful ways for teachers to practice student perspective taking and diagnose student misunderstandings of math concepts.  The game is about bluffing the judge, and getting them to think that your work was actually from a real student.  Developed in collaboration with Michael Pershan, we’ve playtested versions that take place in-person and online.