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YJ Kim

Yoon Jeon Kim

M. Thompson


Research on Teacher Practice Spaces

Ng, K. (2018) Design of a Teacher Education Model that Improves Teacher Educator Efficiency in Processing Teacher Candidate Data

Owho-Ovuakporie, K.*, Thompson, M.*, Robinson, K.*, & Reich, J. (In Revise and Resubmit). Teacher Moments: An online platform for preservice teachers to practice and reflect on parent-teacher conversations.

Reich, J., Kim, Y.J.*, Robinson, K.*, Roy, D.*, Thompson, M.* (Forthcoming). Exploring Authenticity and Playfulness in Teacher Practice Spaces. Proceedings of the 2018 Connected Learning Summit, Cambridge, MA

Robinson, K.* Jaharanian, K. & Reich, J. (2018) Using Online Practice Spaces to Investigate Challenges in Enacting Principles of Equitable Computer Science Teaching. Proceedings of the 2018 Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education Technical Symposium, Baltimore, MD.

Reich, J. (2016) Playful Rehearsal. Presented at the 2016 xTalks: Digital Discourses Series at MIT, Cambridge, MA. (Video) (Slides)

Owho-Ovuakporie, K. (2017, May 31). Using “Teacher Moments” as an Online Practice Space for Parent-Teacher Conference Simulation in Preservice Teacher Education. Retrieved from

Reich, J., Kim, Y.J., Thompson, M., Pershan, M. (2017) Baldermath: A Bluff the Judge Game for Looking at Student Work in Mathematics. Presented at the 2017 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Annual Meeting, Austin, TX. Retrieved from

Reich, J., Haas, J., Kim, Y.J., Thompson, M. (2017) Committee of N: A Design-Based Game for Teaching Education History and Policy. Presented at the 2017 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Annual Meeting, Austin, TX.

Haas, J., Reich, J., Feely, C., Klopfer, E. (2016) Committee of N: A Card Game for School (Re)Design. Presented at the 2016 Games, Learning and Society Conference, Madison, Wisconsin.

Pershan, M., Reich, J., Kim, Y.J., Thompson, M. (2017) Baldermath: A Design-Based Approach to Developing a Game for Student Work Analysis, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference, San Antonio, TX. Retrieved from:


Research on Online Learning and Teacher Learning

Huttner-Loan, E., Napier, A., Beazley, G., Grubb, R., Reich, J. (2017) Design Thinking for Leading and Learning in Review.

Huttner-Loan, E., Napier, A., Beazley, G., Grubb, R., Reich, J. (2017) Launching Innovation in Schools in Review.

Littenberg-Tobias, J., & Reich, J. (2018, December 6). Evaluating Access, Quality, and Inverted Admissions in MOOC-Based Blended Degree Pathways: A Study of the MIT Supply Chain Management MicroMasters.


Research on Learning at Scale

Van Der Zee, T.* & Reich, J. (Forthcoming) Open Educational Science. AERA Open.

Littenberg-Tobias, J. & Reich, J. (2018, June) “Yeah, I know this”: Student experiences with a blended MicroMasters program. Presented at the  HybridEd Workshop 2018: Successful and Promising Experiences in Blended Learning with MOOCs

Reich, J. & Ito, M (2017) From Good Intentions to Real Outcomes: Equity by Design in Learning Technologies. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning. Retrieved from

Yeomans, M.*, Reich, J., Stewart, B., Mavon, K.*, Kindel, A.*, & Tingley, D. (2017) The Civic Mission of MOOCs: Engagement Across Political Differences in Online Forums. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Kindel, A.*, Yeomans, M.*, Reich, J., Stewart, B., & Tingley, D. (2017) Discourse: MOOC Discussion Forum Analysis at Scale. Proceedings of the 2017 Learning @ Scale Conference, Cambridge, MA.

Yeomans, M & Reich, J. (2017) Planning Prompts Increase and Forecast Course Completion in Massive Open Online Courses Proceedings of the 2017 Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference.

Kizilcec, R., Saltarelli, A., Reich, J., & Cohen, G. (2017) Closing the Global Achievement Gap in Online Learning with Psychological Interventions, Science

Reich, J. (2016) Research Directions for the Future of Learning at Scale. Invited submission to The Bridge, National Academy of Engineering. 46(3), 29-38.

Veletsianos, G., Pasquini, L., & Reich, J. (2016) The Life Between Big Data Log Events: Learners’ Strategies to Overcome Challenges in MOOCs. AERA Open. 2(3), DOI: 10.1177/2332858416657002

Robinson, C., Yeomans, M., Reich, J., Hulleman, C., & Gehlbach, H. (2016) Forecasting Student Achievement in MOOCs with Natural Language Processing. Proceedings of the 2016 Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Reich, J., Stewart, B., Mavon, K., Tingley, D. (2016) The Civic Mission of MOOCs: Measuring Engagement across Political Differences in Forums. Proceedings of the 2016 Learning@Scale Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland [Best Paper Award]

Hansen, J.D.* & Reich, J. (2015). Democratizing education?: Examining access and usage patterns in massive open online courses. Science, 350(6265),1245-1248.

Reich, J. (2015). Rebooting MOOC research. Science. 347(6217), 30-31.


Research on “Seeing the Future First”: Pathways to Emerging Practices in K-12

Kim, Y.J., Almond, R.G., Shute, V.J. (2016) Applying Evidence-Centered Design for the Development of Game-Based Assessments in Physics Playground. International Journal of Testing 16(2), 142-163

Kim, Y.J., & Shute, V.J. (2015) The interplay of game elements with psychometric qualities, learning, and enjoyment in game-based assessment. Computers & Education 87, 340-356

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Reich, J., Levinson, M., & Johnston, W. (2011). Using online social networks to foster preservice teachers’ membership in a networked community of praxis. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 11(4). Retrieved from

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