TSL Projects

Playful Assessment

To best support student-centered learning and teaching, assessment should be as fun and engaging as authentic learning can be. Our work includes designing playful assessments for our existing learning experiences, standalone K-12 assessment projects, and resources to support teachers, teacher educators, students, and designers.

Online and Blended Learning

Explore the intersections between online learning and teacher education. We’re offering four MOOCs, Launching Innovation in SchoolsDesign Thinking for Leading and Learning,  Envisioning the Graduate of the Future, and Competency-Based Education: The Why, What, and How.  Learn strategies to become a change leader and improve education in your communities.

Practice Spaces

Teachers need spaces to practice teaching strategies in low-stakes settings. We’re drawing on models from games and simulations to create these practice spaces. We seek to establish collaborations with other teacher education programs, school districts, and research institutes to design and test these spaces.

Swipe Right

A game for teachers to practice empathizing with young people and authentically connecting their strengths and interests to computer science.

Game-Based Assessment

The MIT Education Arcade, in collaboration with the Teaching Systems Lab, is creating a game-based assessment system that gives students and teachers access to ongoing authentic assessments that measure multiple learner outcomes in a deep [...]

Beyond Rubrics: Assessment in Making

While there are many benefits of making and makerspaces, one of the greatest challenges of implementing making in K–12 schools is the question of how to assess collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and iterative making practices and outcomes.

Eliciting Learner Knowledge (ELK)

Eliciting Learner Knowledge is a turn-based, improvisational role-playing game where a teacher (played by a teacher candidate) attempts to solicit the understanding of students (also played by teacher candidates) with a distribution of [...]


BalderMath creates playful ways for teachers to practice student perspective taking and diagnose student misunderstandings of math concepts.

Motivation Station

Motivation Station is an in-person card game that creates scenarios for novice and experienced teachers to practice applying principles of cognitive science to motivating students.

Teacher Moments

Teacher Moments (Media Interactive Case Studies) presents novice teachers with short classroom scenarios and gives them spaces to practice their responses to students in the moment.

Committee of N

Committee of N is a card game that helps teachers in training investigate and discuss the history of schooling in America.


MetarRubric is a playful learning experience that is designed to show how complex, and even fun, assessment can be.

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