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Teacher Moments (Media Interactive Case Studies) presents novice teachers with short classroom scenarios and gives them spaces to practice their responses to students in the moment. Early scenarios have focused on skills related to motivating students, encouraging NGSS inquiry practice and addressing misconceptions. Research is focused on investigating the affordances of different representations and approximations, how that supports teacher learning, and how elements of instructional design like reflection and peer feedback affect teacher learning. We’ll also aim to develop a design framework that yields design principles for simulations and rehearsals from this work.

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  • Meredith Thompson
    Meredith Thompson Research Scientist

    Meredith Thompson is a research scientist at the Teaching Systems Lab (TSL) and STEP. Her research focuses on the influence of collaboration and creativity in STEAM learning environments and practice-based teacher education. She is the lead researcher in the Collaborative Learning Environments in Virtual Reality (CLEVR) project, and is the project manager for the Innovating New Spaces for Research and Practice and Research in Education (INSPIRE).  In her spare time, Meredith develops activities and coordinates STEAM events. Meredith and twin sister Chris ( codeveloped Soundscience Fun!, an interactive presentation on the physics of musical instruments that has been featured on the PBS television show “Curious George”.

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