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Teachers and Teachers-In-Training

You can use TSL projects as professional development or share them with your professors for use in their classes. We hope you’ll be in touch your feedback and stories with us after the fact!

Use Our Tools!

Are you a pre-service teacher? Share our resources with your professors or try them out with your peers and let us know what you think!

Join The TSL INSPIRE Program

If you’re teaching during the Fall 2018 semester and are interested developing novel strategies for practice-based teacher education, please get in touch! INSPIRE is a 6-month collaborative research program for teacher educators at universities and professional development organizations throughout the United States.

Teaching Educators & Researchers

Use TSL projects with pre-service teachers in your classes, share feedback, and collaborate with our team to develop and publish findings.

Contribute To Our Research

If you’re a teacher educator or researcher interested in imagining, designing and testing practice spaces for pre-service teachers, please get in touch! You can test our tools in your classroom and share feedback, pitch new ideas to our team, co-author publications with our team and much more.

Apply For A TLIG Grant

Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants (TLIG) aim to bring MIT CS educators together to tackle the problem of CS teacher licensing and teacher competencies – i.e. what are skills, concepts, dispositions that teachers need to have in relation to the licensure agency’s requirements? We also want to leverage MIT’s rich history and innovative takes on CS education by emphasizing the role of creativity, playfulness, artificial intelligence, and affective computing. We are seeking to find innovative models of CS education within the MIT community and investigate implications of those models on K-12 education, particularly for teacher education.

The Public

Join our local playtests, online events and courses to both contribute feedback to TSL projects and discover new ideas to share with your local community!

Join Our Next Playtest At MIT!

The MIT Teaching Systems Lab invites teachers, student teachers, education professionals, and anyone interested in education to playtest our new interactive tools for teachers. You will try out our games and share your feedback over dinner. We hope you’ll join us!

Join An Upcoming MOOC Or Online Event

The MIT Teaching Systems Lab invites teachers, student teachers, education professionals, and anyone interested in education to join our free online courses on EdX.Explore our online courses


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  • Test our tools in your classroom
  • Share feedback
  • Pitch new ideas to our team
  • Co-author publications with our team
  • And much more!