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Looking for a creative, hands-on twist on teaching geometry to your 7th – 10th grade students? Or are you interested in having your students try out a game-based assessment?

The MIT Education Arcade and Teaching Systems Lab are developing Shadowspect, an interactive computer game where players build 3D figures while developing their geometric, dimensional, and spatial reasoning skills. Students will access levels of increasing difficulty as they move and rotate spheres, cubes, and other important shapes in order to find creative solutions to modeling problems. Once the project is fully developed, the game will also collect data to assess mastery of 3D geometry, spatial reasoning, persistence, and creativity.

We are currently looking for educators, classrooms, and after-school programs interested in trying our current demo and offering feedback to our researchers, starting in early 2019. If you’re in the Boston area, we’ll bring the researchers, the software, and the laptops – all you need is internet and to reserve some time for testing. And if you’re not local or would just like to test the game on your own time, we would still love for you to participate in our research remotely. If you’re interested in getting involved in either way, please fill out our form below and we’ll get you going once the study starts!

We will ask for feedback from your students (with your and parental approval, of course) and use said feedback to iterate and improve on our game. All data will be made anonymous.

If you’re an educator (no matter within or outside of the Boston area) who is interested in learning more about our project, please sign up here! Questions? Concerns? Contact us at

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