The way students learn is changing.

The way teachers learn should change too.


We Conduct Research in the Following Areas:

Online And Blended Learning

Explore the intersections between online learning and teacher education. In the next year we’ll be offering a suite of online learning, including two MOOCs: “Launching Innovation in Schools” and “Competency-Based Education: the Why, What, and How,” plus archived versions of “Envisioning the Graduate of the Future,” and “Design Thinking for Leading and Learning.” Learn strategies to become a change leader and improve education in your communities.

Practice Spaces

Teachers need spaces to practice teaching strategies in low-stakes settings. We’re drawing on models from games and simulations to create these practice spaces. We seek to establish collaborations with other teacher education programs, school districts, and research institutes to design and test these spaces.

New Online Course Launching

March 24!

Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices 

Every day, teachers make thousands of decisions: what content to teach, what activities to assign, who to call on, how to respond to a student question, how to react to student behavior. These day-to-day decisions can have an enormous effect on the lives of young people. They can open new doors or cause lasting harm; they can make students feel seen and valued, or dampen their interest in school. MIT Teaching Systems Lab is offering a free online course featuring case studies and online simulations that will provide you with the tools, strategies, and practices to effectively become a more equitable educator.


Innovative New Spaces for Practice and Rehearsal in Education (INSPIRE)

Applications Have Closed For The 2018 Program.

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INSPIRE) is a collaborative research program for teacher educators at universities and professional development organizations throughout the United States. The program is designed for people who will be teaching during the Fall 2018 semester and are interested developing novel strategies for practice-based teacher education.



Hear about fellowships, workshops, research partnerships and other ways to participate in our work at the Teaching Systems lab.



Grant Funds Innovation in Teacher Education 

New program provides funding for three projects working to improve STEM education.

Competency-Based Education: The Black Box of Good Teaching 

Patrick Riccards, Chief Communications and Strategy Officer for the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, discusses competency-based education in Real Clear Education.

New Research Aims to Promote High-quality Civic and Political Engagement 

Spencer Foundation launches $2 million effort to create first-of-their-kind measures.


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